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Miranda Kerr, Winter Wonderland of Glacial Goddeses 2006


I’ve managed to stay on track again :) :) 

B: Allbran with strawberries 

S: 3 plain cruskits and sultanas 

L: 4 rice cakes with avo and light cream cheese & a muesli bar

S: 2 slices of raison toast & a berry and banana + banana protein rice milk smoothy

D: minestrone soup with some sourdough bread

E: one hour of bootcamp (finally feel like i’m starting to improve!)  



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lolollololol yes

just don’t do it

Haha it’s always so awkward, especially when I’m doing ab workouts and I’m sort of contorted and out of breath. 

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hey, just wondering if you know. Does running and/or bike riding tone your legs or build muscle?

Hey, I’ve found that running has both toned my legs and started to build muscle. People say that building muscle makes your legs bulky but because of the cardio i’ve found that my fat is just being replaced with muscle. Is that what you’re asking? I hope that helps :)   


This is so true for me